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Founded in 1995 in St-Félicien, Granules LG  is a Quebec-based company specializing in two types of wood densification: wood pellets and bioenergetic firelogs. 

Constantly searching for new ways to improve our products' quality, we work hand in hand with our employees and our partners while always upholding our core values, our social and environmental commitment. Our mission: transforming industrial residues coming from the first and second stage of wood processing in order to develop innovative products.

It all started with a vision

Granules LG was born while searching ways to transform different types of biomass. By developing an innovative line of products with a high added value, the Company from Alma Quebec becomes rapidly a valid alternative to other types of fuel. Now, we offer a green energy with low air emissions.

A regional partner

Our company has become a pioneer provider of green energy by creating successful business partnerships.

Granules LG distinguishes itself with the importance it puts on the economic, social and environmental benefits it creates in the region. It is indeed these values that drives our daily work.

What sets us apart

Each day, our teams work hard to build up a solid and reliable industry onto which consumers can rely. In Quebec, the wood pellet heating market is booming because it's the best eco-friendly option with higher energy efficiency in its category. 

Driven by values of respect, teamwork, efficiency and product quality, Granules LG makes more than wood pellets.

A model of success

Since 2012, Granules LG is entirely owned by Aboriginal members. With the desire to help the development of the forestry industry and their community, Groupe ADL and Piekuakamiulnuatsh Takihukan have decided to invest in wood pellets production.

Sustainable development being a major concern in First Nations' values, Granules LG distinguishes itself by emphasizing on economic, social and environmental benefits for the community. It is after all what drives the teams' decision-making on a daily basis. 

Granules LG is therefore a model of success for First Nations.