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As a VIP member, Granules LG guarantees you, in case of shortage, to deliver a ton of pellets to your name at your dealer, for three years.

Proof of purchase of the season will be required (of LG products) and the proof of purchase will be mandatory before reception. Membership in the VIP Membership Program will begin on October 15, 2018 and end on December 31, 2018. By becoming a VIP member you are eligible to win one ton of wood pellets in our annual “Win one ton of pellets“ contest.

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How it works
Will my ton of pellets be delivered to my home?

No, the ton of pellets will be delivered to the nearest retailer where you stock up on regular time.

Can I reserve my ton of pellets in advance?

VIP member gives you a delivery guarantee at your retailer the week following the date of your request. Only customers registered before December 31, 2018 will be able to receive one tonne of pellets in the event of out of stock at your retailer.

Do I have to give a deposit to reserve my ton of pellets?

No, there is no deposit to give to reserve your ton of pellets.

What are the delivery times for my ton of pellets?

From the date you write to it takes 7 business days to deliver your ton of pellets.

What is the procedure for claiming my ton of pellets?

You must have registered as a VIP member by December 31, 2018.

You must send us an email to to tell us about your need for pellets, send us your name, your proof of purchase, your full contact details, street address, email address and telephone, and the name and address dealer's address where you buy your pellets in normal times.

Subsequently a confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours to tell you the delivery date of your ton of pellets at the retailer.

On the day of delivery, we invite you to contact your retailer to ensure that your ton arrived safely before you travel to claim it.

Your name and your VIP card number will be indicated on the pellet pallet, so you must present your VIP membership card and a piece of identification to your retailer when you will claim your ton of pellets.

Can I order a ton for another person?

No, being a VIP merber entitles you to only one ton.