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Founded in 1995 by the Lamontagne family in Saint-Félicien, Granules LG produced close to 5 000 tons in their first year only.


In 2005, the company creates the engineered wood plant Produits Forestiers Lamco. This company will become the provider of raw resources in the making of pellets. In the same year, Granules LG reaches its cruising speed with a production of 48 000 tons per year.


Three years later, the company invests 3 million by acquiring and installing a rotary dryer which allows to diversify its supply sources of raw resources.


2009 was a turning point in our evolution with the installation of a grinding plant in order to increase the supply sources and create a partnership with Groupe ADL as well as the Conseil des Montagnais de Mashteuiatsh.


In 2010, the Saint-Félicien plant's production reaches 85 000 tons a year. The following year, Granules LG builds a pilot plant in the community of Mashteuiatsh: Granules LG International. The companies diversify their line of products and begin offering the brands Maximum, Satisfaction and Super Premium in 30 lb to meet demands. In the same year, the company install a machine to fabricate bioenergetic firelogs.


2012 is the year in which Groupe ADL, the present owner, acquires 100% of the shares.


2013 is a year marked by performance improvement thanks to an optimization effort of the equipment. Granules LG puts in place a laboratory and hires a technician to assure a strict quality control of its products. Still in 2013, the company delivers 60 000 tons of pellets in Italy while developing both the European and American markets.


The following year, Granules LG modernizes its plants and reorganizes its work force. It shuts down the Granules LG International due to a lack of raw materials.


In 2015, Granules LG pursues its activities and strengthens its teams in order to reach the goal of 110 000 tons.


Certification ENplus A1 and CANplus A1